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Use the Hevy app to track your gym program! It will allow you to create routines, organize workouts, and monitor progress. Available on Android and iOS!

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Create a Gym Program with the Hevy App

When creating a gym program with an app, it is important to be able to add all necessary exercises. Also, you can rearrange the exercises and add the number of sets, estimated weight, and reps you would like to complete. Add any notes to each exercise and have the option to change the type of sets (warm up, drop, failure). 

Add Custom Exercises 

Creating custom exercises is easy on the Hevy app. When creating a gym program, it is essential to have the ability to create custom exercises to ensure you can log each exercise. To create a custom exercise, tap ‘create’ on the exercises screen, then add all the exercise details (name, type, equipment, and muscles used) and tap ‘save.’ 

Track your Progress

Tracking your gym program with an app is helpful because it shows you how you are progressing. Hevy offers many insightful graphs and statistics on how you are improving in different ways. It will also notify you every time you hit a personal best, helping you stay motivated towards your goals.

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Hevy is the most intuitive workout tracker & planner in the world. No ads and free. Plan your weight lifting routines, log your workouts, and smash your fitness goals. Available on iOS and Android.


Use the Hevy App for your Gym Program

Hevy is the best app to log your gym program because it allows you to create the program and monitor how you are progressing in each routine.
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Plan your routines

Create your perfect workout plan with Hevy's easy to use and customisable routine builder. Set up your routines and show up to the gym with a clear goal.

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Log your training

Logging your workouts shouldn't be hard, and should be smarter than using a pencil and a notebook. See your previous weights, use automatic rest timers, RPE, plate calculators and more.

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See the results

Your hard work in the gym pays off. See statistics on your progress, per exercise, muscle groups, and track your body measurements. All in one app.

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Hevy is packed with features needed to complete & track your workout efficiently & accurately. It’s flexible & yet user friendly. Workouts can be selected within the app, or you can build your own. 

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5 stars

Recently made the swap from pen and paper for tracking + planning my workouts and it’s been great. I especially like that it calculates your total volume lifted, gives a graphical representation of your training and remembers your last sessions so you can progressively overload. 



Great App for tracking workouts

Have been using this app since 6-7 months. It’s easy to use, simple and well designed. You can store up to 4 routines in the free version and tracking is unlimited. Would highly recommend. Happy Workout!

The Hevy app is a great tool to use when you would like to monitor your gym program progress. When you create and log workouts, the app will develop graphs allowing you to see how you progress on each exercise and routine.
Creating a gym routine for a workout program on the Hevy app is easy. Tap ‘new routine’ on the workout screen, then choose the folder you would like to have it in. Add the exercises and arrange them however you would like. Then add the number of sets, weights, and reps for each exercise.
The Hevy app lets you easily organize your workout routines for your gym program. You can create folders to sort routines into specific days, different programs, or however you would like.

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