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Hevy is a free gym workout tracker & planner app for iOS and Android. Plan your weight lifting routines, track your progress, and join a growing community.

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Log workouts

A workout tracker that just works. Logging your workouts and planning your routines has never been easier.

  • webDoubleCheckCreated with Sketch. Intuitive logging interface
  • webRoutinesCreated with Sketch. Advanced routine planner
  • webSetsCreated with Sketch.DW Multiple set type support
  • webSupersetsCreated with Sketch. Supersets & drop sets
  • webRestTimerCreated with Sketch. Automatic rest timers
  • webNotesCreated with Sketch.A Add exercise notes

Track progress

Analyze your lifts with charts to measure your exercise progress. Use our extensive exercise library or create your own custom lifts.

  • webChartCreated with Sketch. Advanced charts
  • web1RMCreated with Sketch.1RM Calculate One Rep Max
  • web200Created with Sketch.+200 High quality exercise videos
  • webCustomExerciseCreated with Sketch. Create custom exercises

Read our guide on best 3 day workout splits.

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Join the community

Going to the gym can get a little solitary sometimes! Follow your friends, save their routines and stay motivated while you get strong.

  • webFriendCreated with Sketch. Follow other athletes
  • webLikeCreated with Sketch.+1 Like and comment on workouts
  • webCopyCreated with Sketch. Copy workouts
  • webRoutineSaveCreated with Sketch. Save other athlete's routines
  • webStrongCreated with Sketch. Get strong

Apple Watch App

Leave your phone in the locker room, and track your workouts completely from your Apple Watch. Easily sync your routines and focus on your workout.

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  • webRoutinesCreated with Sketch. Sync app routines
  • networkErrorCreated with Sketch. Totally offline
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