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Standing Military Press (Barbell)

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How to do a Standing Military Press (Barbell)

  1. Position the barbell at roughly collarbone height on a rack or stand. Begin with a light weight to get a good feel for the movement before adding more plates.
  2. Stand a few inches away from the bar and grab it with an overhand grip. Use a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip.
  3. With your hands gripping the bar, tuck yourself underneath, ensure that your shoulders are back, take a breath, engage your glutes, and push through your legs to unrack the bar.
  4. With your elbows tucked in, back straight, and gaze forward, take a couple of steps back and have your feet at hip-width distance.
  5. From this position, take a deep breath, engage your abs, and push through your elbows in a vertical line. Don’t bend and extend your knees to create momentum.
  6. Push until your elbows lockout and, as you exhale, slowly lower the bar until it’s at around neck level.
  7. Take another breath and press up again.

Standing Military Press (Barbell) Alternatives