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Plate Front Raise

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How to do a Plate Front Raise

  1. Grab a plate that is light enough for you to do at least ten smooth repetitions.
  2. Position your hands at two opposite sides of the plate with your arms straight and to your sides.
  3. Bring your shoulders back, position your feet at roughly hip-width level, direct your gaze forward, and take a breath.
  4. Engage your shoulders and chest muscles to lift the plate in front of you as you keep your arms straight.
  5. Lift the plate until your arms become parallel with the floor and hold for a moment.
  6. As you exhale, slowly bring the plate back to the starting position where it rests lightly against your upper thighs. Keep your arms unbent throughout the entire repetition.
  7. Take another breath and repeat the motion.


To make the most of this exercise, it’s essential to consciously engage your shoulders on each repetition instead of merely moving the plate from point A to point B.

Plate Front Raise Alternatives