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Calf Press (Machine)

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How to do a Calf Press (Machine)

  1. Lie on a leg press machine and extend your legs to the platform.
  2. Position the balls of your feet on the platform and have your heels remain in the air.
  3. Take a breath, push the platform to straighten your legs, and unlatch the safety bars of the leg press machine.
  4. In a controlled fashion, allow your ankles to flex while keeping your legs straight and heels in the same position. You should feel a stretch in your calves.
  5. Now, push through the balls of your feet to extend both ankles as much as you can and hold the contraction for a second before releasing.
  6. Keep repeating.


For safety reasons, it’s best to start with an empty leg press and do a few sets of the exercise to get a good feel for it. After that, you can slowly start adding weight until you get to a point where you can do at least ten smooth repetitions with a full range of motion.

Calf Press (Machine) Alternatives