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Glute Ham Raise

Muscle Group:
Also Known As: GHD

How to do a Glute Ham Raise

  1. Tweak the glute ham raise machine until it fits you best. Specifically, the ankle pad should be right against your Achilles heel, and your knees should be on the front platform that will support your hips. If the machine has a foot platform, you should position both feet’s balls to push against it for extra support.
  2. With your torso upright, knees planted firmly, and ankles in a secure position, cross your arms in front of you, bring your shoulders back, and take a deep breath.
  3. From this position, go down as you simultaneously extend your knees and keep your back in a neutral position. Your hips should also remain in a rigid position.
  4. Go down as comfortably as you can – ideally, until your knees are locked out, and exhale.
  5. Engage your posterior chain muscles and bring your torso back to the upright position. You can think of this as a bodyweight curl that initiates from your back thigh muscles.
  6. Take another breath and bend forward again.

Glute Ham Raise Alternatives