Getting Stronger with Hevy

Fitness brands tend to claim their product will help you become fitter and stronger, if you workout in their special way. Well Hevy is a bit different; we will never tell you how, or when to workout. We avoid unnecessary distractions and only provide you with simple yet powerful tools to help you get the most out of your workouts.

But we wanted to find out... do Hevy users actually get stronger tracking their workouts with our app?

Well to find out we are going to analyze two key strength training exercises, the Bench Press (Barbell) and Squat (Barbell). We are going to have a look at data from the best weight lifted per session over their first 5 workout sessions, and see if they made any improvements in best weight lifted per session.

We will define best weight lifted per session as the heaviest weight that was lifted at least once without failure across all the sets the athlete did of that particular exercise. See example below:

Bench Press

Set 1: 60kg x 8 reps
Set 2: 63kg x 10 reps
Set 3: 65kg x 6 reps ⬅ 65kg is best weight lifted per session

Note: The session’s best weight lifted will vary a lot from session to session, considering muscle recovery, your routine might change, or your workout objectives might be different. Regardless, this is an informative exercise on the usage of Hevy.

Bench Press

Let’s start with the Bench Press (Barbell). This is by far our most popular exercise in the app, everyone loves to bench press! Below we can find the raw data of the best weight lifted per workout session of 33 Hevy users.

The first thing we see is that there’s clearly one athlete stronger than everyone else! But besides that, there’s just a lot of data and we can’t really get any insights from it, so let’s simplify it a little. Let’s say, if someone starts lifting in session 1, will their best weight increase over the course of the 5 sessions?

The answer is overwhelmingly yes! As you can see, a whopping 73% of people increased their best weight lifted over the course of the 5 weeks. Some made massive improvements while others made minor gains. The average strength gain was 11% over the 5 sessions.


Next up are squats!

Now we will look at the best weight lifted per workout session from 27 Hevy users over their first 5 sessions. Similarly there’s a lot of variation in best weight lifted from session to session.

As we did with the Bench Press exercise, we could analyze if the users made any weight increases during this period.

A massive 89% of users increased their best weight lifted over their first 5 sessions, and the average strength gain was 20%.

We can also take a look at the average of these 27 Hevy users' best weight over time. The result is quite incredible to see, with a clear upwards trend.

It’s amazing to see our users are getting stronger, and that Hevy is helping them track their progress. All this data is easily accessible through the Hevy app by navigating to the exercise detail screen and scrolling through all the available graphs.

We hope Hevy can help you get stronger by tracking your workouts!

Thanks for reading!

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