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Triceps Kickback

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How to do a Triceps Kickback

  1. Grab a light dumbbell and hold it to your side with your palm facing your thigh.
  2. Bring your torso forward as you push your butt back to maintain a neutral back.
  3. Lift your elbow to your side, inhale, and extend your arm by engaging your tricep.
  4. Once your arm is entirely straight, hold the contraction for a second, exhale, and slowly bring the dumbbell back down.
  5. Keep your shoulder and elbow in a stationary position throughout each repetition.


Because the long head of the tricep crosses the shoulder joint, you can achieve an even greater contraction of your tricep by bringing you arm back and over your torso once your elbow is entirely straight. It looks like this: Extend your arm by contracting your tricep. Once you’re at the top, elevate your arm as much as you can to shorten the long head of your tricep even more.

Triceps Kickback Alternatives