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Lunge (Dumbbell)

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Muscle Group:
Secondary Muscle Groups: Hamstrings, Glutes

How to do a Lunge (Dumbbell)

  1. Grab a pair of moderately-heavy dumbbells and bring them to your sides.
  2. With your arms straight and palms facing your thighs, bring your shoulders back, direct your gaze forward, and take a breath. Have your feet close to one another with your toes pointed slightly out.
  3. Bring your right leg forward, plant your foot firmly, and descend into a lunge by bending the knee.
  4. Go down as comfortably as you can – ideally until your right thigh is almost parallel with the floor and your left knee taps the ground lightly.
  5. Hold the position for a moment and, as you exhale, push through your right foot to kick yourself back to the starting position.
  6. Take another breath and step forward with your left leg to repeat the whole thing.
  7. Keep alternating between your right and left leg until you finish the set.


It’s vital to pick a pair of dumbbells that allow you to do each repetition smoothly and with a good range of motion. Too many people choose heavy dumbbells and end up doing half-lunges where they use too much momentum and ultimately defeat the exercise’s whole purpose.

Lunge (Dumbbell) Alternatives