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Cable Crunch

Muscle Group:

How to do a Cable Crunch

  1. Grab a rope attachment with both hands and have your thumbs facing up.
  2. Kneel and position the rope behind your head. Both hands should be close to your neck throughout the exercise.
  3. Once in this position, engage your glutes to produce some degree of posterior pelvic tilt and to engage your abs better.
  4. Initiate the crunch by inhaling and bringing the rope down and in. Think of the movement as one where you actively crunch and extend your abs instead of having the movement go through your hips.
  5. Hold the contraction for a moment, exhale, and extend your abs until your back is in a neutral position.
  6. Repeat.


To prevent ego lifting and momentum on this exercise, it’s best to load it in the 12 to 20 repetition range. This will also help you establish a superior mind-muscle connection and feel your abs much better.

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