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Upright Row (Barbell)

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Muscle Group:
Secondary Muscle Groups: Upper Back, Shoulders

How to do a Upright Row (Barbell)

  1. Grab a barbell with an overhand grip at a shoulder-width level or slightly narrower.
  2. With the bar in your hands, stand tall, bring your chest out, direct your gaze forward, and position your feet about hip-width apart with toes pointed slightly out.
  3. Engage your abs, take a breath, and begin to row the barbell toward your chin by taking your elbows out and to the sides.
  4. Row the barbell to collarbone height, hold for a moment, exhale, and lower it to the starting position in a controlled manner.
  5. Take another breath and repeat the movement.


Any rowing exercise can quickly turn into an ego lift, as many trainees are eager to lift heavier weights. The most important things are to use a full range of motion with the upright row and raise the bar without using any momentum, even as you get fatigued.

Upright Row (Barbell) Alternatives