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Lat Pulldown (Cable)

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How to do a Lat Pulldown (Cable)

  1. Adjust the knee pad on the machine to be right against your thighs without placing too much pressure on them.
  2. Adjust the pin to a weight you can comfortably lift for at least ten good repetitions.
  3. Stand up, and grab the handle with a slightly wider than shoulder-width overhand grip.
  4. Sit down and secure your legs underneath the pad.
  5. With your arms extended and holding the handle firmly, bring your shoulders back and down.
  6. Take a breath and pull the weight down through your elbows. Think of your hands as mere hooks for the weight – this will help with back activation.
  7. As you pull the weight down, make sure that your elbows remain tucked in and in line with your torso; avoid having them flare out and back behind your body.
  8. Pull the weight to your upper chest, hold the contraction for a moment and, as you exhale, extend your arms until your elbows are straight.


To keep your shoulders safe, it’s essential to keep them in a stable position. When extending your arms to the starting position, don’t let your shoulders shrug up; keep them back and down at all times.

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