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Front Squat

Muscle Group:
Secondary Muscle Groups: Hamstrings, Glutes

How to do a Front Squat

  1. Position the barbell at roughly collarbone height.
  2. Dip by bending your knees slightly, press your upper chest against the bar and extend your arms forward.
  3. With your shoulders now in contact with the bar, bend your right elbow and bring your right forearm over the bar with the hand resting atop your collarbone. Bend your left elbow and position your left hand on top of your collarbone, right over the bar.
  4. Position the barbell on top of your shoulders, bring your chest out, take a breath, make sure that your torso is upright, and extend your knees to unrack the bar.
  5. With your torso upright and bar resting securely on your shoulders, take two steps back to clear enough room.
  6. Take a deep breath and descend by bending your knees while keeping your torso upright. Think of it as if you were trying to sit in an invisible chair.
  7. Go down as comfortably as you can, ideally until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
  8. Push through your heels to raise yourself and exhale near the top of the repetition.
  9. Take another breath and repeat.

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