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Decline Bench Press (Dumbbell)

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Muscle Group:
Secondary Muscle Groups: Triceps

How to do a Decline Bench Press (Dumbbell)

  1. Adjust the bench at around 30 degrees of decline and grab a pair of moderately-heavy dumbbells.
  2. With both dumbbells in your hands and close to your body, carefully get on the bench and secure your legs.
  3. As you’re sitting upright with the dumbbells resting atop your thighs, bring your shoulders back, engage your abs, and take a breath.
  4. Lower yourself slowly and make sure that your legs are secured and that your shoulders and head are in contact with the bench. Maintain your upper back position as you lie down.
  5. Bring both dumbbells to your sides but avoid flaring your elbows out.
  6. Take another breath and push both dumbbells up as you engage your chest and triceps.
  7. Press up and in until your elbows lockout, and both dumbbells touch lightly.
  8. Exhale and slowly bring the dumbbells back to your sides.
  9. Take another breath and press up again.


Because getting into the correct starting position is rather challenging, you can have someone hand you the dumbbells once you position yourself on the bench. This becomes increasingly more important as you begin pressing heavier dumbbells.

Decline Bench Press (Dumbbell) Alternatives